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what a sucka

ok, so i hurt myself AGAIN. what the hell man. what the friggin hell. so, the pain in the back of my right foot has been slowly building up with the skating. i think somehow it gets stretched too much or something and my tendons don't like it. somethin like that. then today i was tossin around a frisbee and while running after it, i twisted my right ankle hellza bad. i've been semi-limping around and it hurts! ahhh! wah!! hope it gets better soon. i don't think i should skate for a while but then how else am i gonna get to school? i don't wake up early enough to walk to school. ::sigh::

oh and let me tell you bout yesterday. jen san invited herself over for dinner and demanded that i cook for her. so...i attempted. i attempted to make shou la mian (hand stretched noodles. yes, the translation sounds retarded.) ok so i guess i'm not good at proportions cause i made WAY WAY WAY too much noodles. and because i made so much, it took so long to get them all in the pot that they got soggy. then, for some reason i couldn't get the flavoring right. i think the abundance of noodles were soakin up all the flava. so yeah, i was gettin a little out of control with the salt. i think the only good good part was the pork. that shit tasted good. overall, i was pretty disappointed but it was a learning experience i guess. i still have dishes and shit to wash. fock. and hella hw. fock. and my ankles are killin me. fock!
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