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shit. my teachers all hate me. fuck. it's so my fault too, for skipping so much class. my chinese teacher especially hates me. damn it. or at least she's not one bit happy with me. first of all, i sleep through her class all the time. seriously, i plan to go everyday but damnit sometimes i can't even hear my alarm go off! i'm so pissed at myself too. then since i don't go to class, i don't hear the announcements and so i didn't know that our final was supposed to be on friday which i can't make cause i'm outta here by wed and outta the country by thur. so i tell her today and she's letting me take it tomorrow morn but she's so not happy bout it. i should be lucky she's letting me. fuck me. i actually tried asking my japanese teacher first if i could take that final early cause i thought the two finals would clash but since i don't go to that class either i didn't know that to take it early, i'd have to take it today. and i'm so not ready. so she goes over and talks to my chinese teacher cause their offices just happen to be right next to each other. damnit. and so now they're gonna talk all sorts of shit bout me to each other. ::sigh sigh:: seriously, next qtr dude. i'll be good. super duper good. i have to to make up for this qtr. and now i'm so so ansy. have an art final in an hr and a half, chinese final and japanese finals are tomorrow. feel like i'm on an adrenaline rush. it's kinda weird. should probably go study a bit though. hope the art final's easy. it better be. we only have class once a week, and our final's worth 50% of our grade. wtf. if it's hard i'm gonna be one unhappy camper. plus i didn't read. shit. um yeah. going now. wish me luck guys!

on a plus note, this hk girl in my convo class is also goin to hk winter break so she gave me her number so i can call her up and she can take me and kare out. woo!
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