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-just scrubbed on my skateboard again. couple people saw me too. damn. at least there's no blood.
-rainbow cruiser is gone. dunno if i mentioned that already. the theif can go to hell.
-f4 concert was crrrazy. it was fun but i can't remember the actual concert very well, i was too busy runnin around tryin to get a little sumpin sumpin.
-got my permit!
-i'm way way way behind in school. damn i suck
-chinese banquet tonight. yum yum yum!
-my left hand is cold, my right hand is warm
-my wisdom teeth are growing out and it's really uncomfortable. i should really go see a dentist
-i realized that i've been biting on my tongue. i wake up with my teeth clamped on to it. weird...
-still haven't heard from the eap people. cmon now. just tell me i'm in, i know i am.
-room is now even more fobbed out. and i'm not even done putting up my stuff.
-might go on love boat again cause baby boat doesn't seem to be offered this year.
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