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  2003.05.17  09.31
wtf man

i couldn't fall asleep last night...at all. i mean, i did spend most of the night watching the road rules marathon but then i hopped into bed right at 6. i should've been uber sleepy but no, couldn't fall asleep. so i'm now awake on a saturday at 9:30 in the am with NO sleep. on the plus side though, the asian american artists showcase was actually really inspiring and while trying to rest up for today, i got some ideas for some projects. woot woot for that. but yeah, gonna go shower. kinda fishy if you know what i mean.. =P


  2003.05.02  07.35
7:30...in the AM!

yeah, and i'm up, of my free will. actually i went to bed at 6 last night so i've already slept for 13 hrs. teehee. but yeah, had to recover from this past week. 3 midterms and a paper, yeah that'll do it for a lazy girl like me. it sure is weird to be up at this hour without having to be studying or..something. even the roommies are still asleep! so yeah, thus ends hell week number one of this qtr.

now i get to look forward to x-men tonight! and disneyland on sun! and a whole lot of nothing in between. yay yay!


  2003.04.21  01.00
ooh ooh ooh!

i got my license!!!


i got a really cute bike!!!


time to get me a job...c'mon tapioca express, holla at a sista!

need housing too. anyone know anyone else lookin?


  2003.04.21  00.59
something i just realized...

wtf is up with me and daves???


  2003.04.13  20.39
do share..

why is it that i come home from my weekend in la and find that my room smells hella bad. also...someone has been using my comp (which i don't care bout) and while using it, sat on my sweatshirt instead of moving it, making it smell like ass. yes i did give it a whiff, and let me tell you, it was not a pleasant experience. i might as well just put my nose up to the culprit's ass and inhale...the smell was that strong. yuck. the end.


  2003.04.09  00.52
oh no

i think i totally fucked myself over...dunno if i can still go on eap =( *tear*


  2003.03.10  17.55

ah..there's nothin like gettin an oatmeal cookie from silvergreens and then some boba. mm mm good...=)

Mood: satisfied

  2003.02.16  21.47

i think i'm homesick. i've never wanted to talk to people at home sooo much before. i've been calling my mom like everyday. i wanna go home! wah!!!

wonder if it's cause i'm sick and it'll go away after i get over my flu.


  2003.02.14  21.33

forgot to mention that my nose and upper lip is bout to rot off from too much tissue friction. =(


  2003.02.14  21.30
if only

if only the flu were something i could strangle and kill...
currently the fever's back, eyes are burning, throat is better bc i coughed up some not so lovely goo and i can't breath. what a week. what a week.


  2003.02.14  16.45
heaven but not

i can't remember a plain no-condiment hot dog ever being SOOOOOO SOOOOO SOOOOOOO great. but i guess not eating for 3 days can do that to you. damn flu. get better. I WANNA EAT!


  2003.02.10  14.49

-just scrubbed on my skateboard again. couple people saw me too. damn. at least there's no blood.
-rainbow cruiser is gone. dunno if i mentioned that already. the theif can go to hell.
-f4 concert was crrrazy. it was fun but i can't remember the actual concert very well, i was too busy runnin around tryin to get a little sumpin sumpin.
-got my permit!
-i'm way way way behind in school. damn i suck
-chinese banquet tonight. yum yum yum!
-my left hand is cold, my right hand is warm
-my wisdom teeth are growing out and it's really uncomfortable. i should really go see a dentist
-i realized that i've been biting on my tongue. i wake up with my teeth clamped on to it. weird...
-still haven't heard from the eap people. cmon now. just tell me i'm in, i know i am.
-room is now even more fobbed out. and i'm not even done putting up my stuff.
-might go on love boat again cause baby boat doesn't seem to be offered this year.


  2003.01.24  02.23
just my luck...

seriously, the ONE friggin day i forget to lock my bike, it gets stolen. bye bye rainbow cruiser. =( you weren't even really mine. so sad. so sad. damn you people. stop stealin my transportation!!! ARG! GRR! BLAH! and BLAH again!

Mood: pissed off

  2003.01.16  19.24
la la la

all you cantonese speakers out there will be glad to know that i am trying to learn a cantonese song. woo go me. i've been playing the same eason song over and over again trying to learn how to sing it. i think i got bout half of it so far but some of the words i don't even know in mandarin so that makes it harder. anyhoo, karen said if i can learn to sing a cantonese song then she'll treat me to karaoke. i don't think she thinks i can do it. my cantonese is pretty shitty after all...but i'll show her! here i go again!

Mood: determined

  2003.01.04  19.56

hm, back in sb. tired as a motherfucker. neck/shoulder is cramped. need unload mah shiz. comp's acting funny. in a pretty irritated mood. apt looks funny...it's so unfamiliar feeling. weird...


  2002.12.09  15.26

shit. my teachers all hate me. fuck. it's so my fault too, for skipping so much class. my chinese teacher especially hates me. damn it. or at least she's not one bit happy with me. first of all, i sleep through her class all the time. seriously, i plan to go everyday but damnit sometimes i can't even hear my alarm go off! i'm so pissed at myself too. then since i don't go to class, i don't hear the announcements and so i didn't know that our final was supposed to be on friday which i can't make cause i'm outta here by wed and outta the country by thur. so i tell her today and she's letting me take it tomorrow morn but she's so not happy bout it. i should be lucky she's letting me. fuck me. i actually tried asking my japanese teacher first if i could take that final early cause i thought the two finals would clash but since i don't go to that class either i didn't know that to take it early, i'd have to take it today. and i'm so not ready. so she goes over and talks to my chinese teacher cause their offices just happen to be right next to each other. damnit. and so now they're gonna talk all sorts of shit bout me to each other. ::sigh sigh:: seriously, next qtr dude. i'll be good. super duper good. i have to to make up for this qtr. and now i'm so so ansy. have an art final in an hr and a half, chinese final and japanese finals are tomorrow. feel like i'm on an adrenaline rush. it's kinda weird. should probably go study a bit though. hope the art final's easy. it better be. we only have class once a week, and our final's worth 50% of our grade. wtf. if it's hard i'm gonna be one unhappy camper. plus i didn't read. shit. um yeah. going now. wish me luck guys!

on a plus note, this hk girl in my convo class is also goin to hk winter break so she gave me her number so i can call her up and she can take me and kare out. woo!

Mood: busy

  2002.12.04  02.54
bout time for an update dontcha think?

ok yeah, so it's seriously been a while. i've even been told to update. i guess that means something. just did a recording for karen (lion) for her "monologue" for chinese 4. it's my radio talk show debut. i sound retarded but oh well, hope teach don't recognize my voice. =P anyhoo, one more week to go before i get to go home. and then off to hk i go! if i can get on a plane that is. =P but lemme tell you what hell i have to go through before that goodness.

tom (wed)
-9:00 ask teach if i can make up the chinese test i missed and get the hw that'll be turned in way way late. tried studying for that tonight but damn there be lots-o words.
-10:03 japanese interview which i haven't prepared for yet. (btw it's almost 3am btw)
-somewhere between 10:06-2:00 memorize my lines for my final skit today in my chinese convo class. gonna be taped in kerr@2. what fun...
-3:00 meet with my art project group so we can work on our final collaborative thinger that's gotta be up by thur@11
-5:00 review for final on thur. hope it's worth going to

-11:00 group project due
-2:00 1b final
-before 5:00 portfolio due. keep in mind i have a couple-o old projects that i haven't quite finished. gotta finish that shit up doo!

-5:00 2d final

-12-3 chin&jap finals. haven't decided which one i should ask to take first cause they're scheduled at the same time.
-then i'm done! with schoolwork that is. but then gotta do me laundry before i head home.

::sigh:: well i guess it really isn't THAT bad...just my wed and thur are killer. i WILL survive.

what else?

i'm no longer riding alan's green huffy that hurts my ass cause the seat is too hard. now i'm riding his friend's rainbow cruiser. it makes funny noises but at least i got more cush for my tush. =P so no complaints here.

bought lilo and stitch and ice age today. =) can't wait to watch. guess it'll have to wait till the weekend

i REALLY need to do bills with the mates. i need me some moola!! broke as a joke here...

haven't played animal crossing in over a week. kinda miss it but damn i don't got time for that right now.

played this other game on my comp though. it's just like bejeweled but cuter. and the explosion at the end doesn't scare me to death. thanks ter! zoo keeper's the bomb diggity!

once again i plan on gettin a job. winter qtr baby. will it happen? let's all hope so. ucen dining? it'll do. can't be picky any longer.

bout next qtr. should i continue takin nihongo? and should i take chinese convo again? that class gives me unecessary stress cause it's not a requirement. but then again it's probably somewhat good for me. yeah?

crap...gotta start thinkin bout my eap app. who am i gonna get to write me recommendations? i've been such a slacker. what if they don't write good stuff bout me? =(

obsessed with f4. specially vanness and ken. wtf is wrong with me? i feel like such a bopper. this is def a first. but heck yeah i'ma go crrrrazy at the concert. you're gonna buy the concert video and see me in the audience fighting for a sweaty rag. no mercy man. no mercy. it's MINE!!! the water bottle too! ALL MINE! there is no such thing as friendship in the battlefield. =P j/p

the ankle that i twisted while trying to catch a frisbee a couple weeks ago is still not fully recovered. damnit. fam wants me to go see a chinesey doctor. hope he don't put hot, brown, stinky stuff on it like last time.

so good enough? better be. i'm tired. and gotta wake my ass up early to prepare for my interview. oh and gotta wake kare (mf) up. and she'd better not go right back to sleep too. that shit. goodnight world. make time go slowly k? thanks.


  2002.11.14  19.56

eating healthy feels really really good! let's see, yesterday i had honey bunches of oats with strawberries, oj, a breakfast hot pocket (ok that's not so healthy), rice with seaweed stuff, grapes, and good ol' h2o. then today i had...yogurt, another breakfast hot pocket (what can i say, i don't have that much time in the morn), a samich, grapes, more oj, phad thai, and asian pear! yeah!! this isn't going to last long though...


  2002.11.05  00.38

wow, i was so bored i alphabetized my buddy list. what a way to procrastinate...


  2002.11.03  21.45
increasing my strong-ness

yay crunching and pushing upping. giving me that, "yeah i did something" kind of soreness that feels good and feels crappy at the same time.


  2002.10.16  21.30
what a sucka

ok, so i hurt myself AGAIN. what the hell man. what the friggin hell. so, the pain in the back of my right foot has been slowly building up with the skating. i think somehow it gets stretched too much or something and my tendons don't like it. somethin like that. then today i was tossin around a frisbee and while running after it, i twisted my right ankle hellza bad. i've been semi-limping around and it hurts! ahhh! wah!! hope it gets better soon. i don't think i should skate for a while but then how else am i gonna get to school? i don't wake up early enough to walk to school. ::sigh::

oh and let me tell you bout yesterday. jen san invited herself over for dinner and demanded that i cook for her. so...i attempted. i attempted to make shou la mian (hand stretched noodles. yes, the translation sounds retarded.) ok so i guess i'm not good at proportions cause i made WAY WAY WAY too much noodles. and because i made so much, it took so long to get them all in the pot that they got soggy. then, for some reason i couldn't get the flavoring right. i think the abundance of noodles were soakin up all the flava. so yeah, i was gettin a little out of control with the salt. i think the only good good part was the pork. that shit tasted good. overall, i was pretty disappointed but it was a learning experience i guess. i still have dishes and shit to wash. fock. and hella hw. fock. and my ankles are killin me. fock!

Mood: disappointed

  2002.10.14  11.54
so smooooth!!

i have a new found obsession for washing my face. i swear, i've been washing it every possible chance i get. can't help myself, it just feels soo good afterwards and my skin is sooo smooth. bye bye grease! hellooooooo fresh skin cells! is it possible to wash too much? for some weird reason would my face get greasier if i wash excessively? hope not. don't think i'll ever reach that point anyways. that'd be scary though, if i suddenly developed some compulsive disorder...lets not think bout it anymore.


  2002.10.14  02.02
wasting more of my precious time

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  2002.10.12  17.21
ouchie #2

i swear i'm accident prone. this time i ran into a wall and got wall-burn on my ring ringer. i was late for class yesterday and so hopped on jess' bike which is too big for me. my pants got caught on the chain so while i was bent over trying to free my pants and trying to keep my balance at the same time, i wasn't paying any attention to where the bike was taking me. remember, the bike's too big for me so i couldn't just put my foot down and stop it from rolling. sooo i ended up running into the apartment across the way and skidding along the wall, giving me the aforementioned wall-burn. i guess i should be glad that i didn't topple over. as some of you know however, that HAS happened before. poo..


  2002.10.11  01.03
current update

-left arm/shoulder is hella sore
-arches (on my feet) are killin me
-sleep deprived
-behind on school work

-got a card in the mail yesterday with some pics from kare
-got a package/card from jeanne today
it's not even my birthday yet! =)
-weekend is almost here

-need some creative inspiration
-need to shower


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