mimi (dorkus128) wrote,

bout time for an update dontcha think?

ok yeah, so it's seriously been a while. i've even been told to update. i guess that means something. just did a recording for karen (lion) for her "monologue" for chinese 4. it's my radio talk show debut. i sound retarded but oh well, hope teach don't recognize my voice. =P anyhoo, one more week to go before i get to go home. and then off to hk i go! if i can get on a plane that is. =P but lemme tell you what hell i have to go through before that goodness.

tom (wed)
-9:00 ask teach if i can make up the chinese test i missed and get the hw that'll be turned in way way late. tried studying for that tonight but damn there be lots-o words.
-10:03 japanese interview which i haven't prepared for yet. (btw it's almost 3am btw)
-somewhere between 10:06-2:00 memorize my lines for my final skit today in my chinese convo class. gonna be taped in kerr@2. what fun...
-3:00 meet with my art project group so we can work on our final collaborative thinger that's gotta be up by thur@11
-5:00 review for final on thur. hope it's worth going to

-11:00 group project due
-2:00 1b final
-before 5:00 portfolio due. keep in mind i have a couple-o old projects that i haven't quite finished. gotta finish that shit up doo!

-5:00 2d final

-12-3 chin&jap finals. haven't decided which one i should ask to take first cause they're scheduled at the same time.
-then i'm done! with schoolwork that is. but then gotta do me laundry before i head home.

::sigh:: well i guess it really isn't THAT bad...just my wed and thur are killer. i WILL survive.

what else?

i'm no longer riding alan's green huffy that hurts my ass cause the seat is too hard. now i'm riding his friend's rainbow cruiser. it makes funny noises but at least i got more cush for my tush. =P so no complaints here.

bought lilo and stitch and ice age today. =) can't wait to watch. guess it'll have to wait till the weekend

i REALLY need to do bills with the mates. i need me some moola!! broke as a joke here...

haven't played animal crossing in over a week. kinda miss it but damn i don't got time for that right now.

played this other game on my comp though. it's just like bejeweled but cuter. and the explosion at the end doesn't scare me to death. thanks ter! zoo keeper's the bomb diggity!

once again i plan on gettin a job. winter qtr baby. will it happen? let's all hope so. ucen dining? it'll do. can't be picky any longer.

bout next qtr. should i continue takin nihongo? and should i take chinese convo again? that class gives me unecessary stress cause it's not a requirement. but then again it's probably somewhat good for me. yeah?

crap...gotta start thinkin bout my eap app. who am i gonna get to write me recommendations? i've been such a slacker. what if they don't write good stuff bout me? =(

obsessed with f4. specially vanness and ken. wtf is wrong with me? i feel like such a bopper. this is def a first. but heck yeah i'ma go crrrrazy at the concert. you're gonna buy the concert video and see me in the audience fighting for a sweaty rag. no mercy man. no mercy. it's MINE!!! the water bottle too! ALL MINE! there is no such thing as friendship in the battlefield. =P j/p

the ankle that i twisted while trying to catch a frisbee a couple weeks ago is still not fully recovered. damnit. fam wants me to go see a chinesey doctor. hope he don't put hot, brown, stinky stuff on it like last time.

so good enough? better be. i'm tired. and gotta wake my ass up early to prepare for my interview. oh and gotta wake kare (mf) up. and she'd better not go right back to sleep too. that shit. goodnight world. make time go slowly k? thanks.
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